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Subscription Renewal NAG NOTICES.

How do you stop those irritating renewal nag notices.  The popups are driving me crazy.  I've had my renewal license for months now and don't need nor want to be reminded every day on five pc's. I'll renew on the last day.

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Re: Subscription Renewal NAG NOTICES.

There is no way to stop those popups, other than renewing.

What you can do, as you already purchased a new product key, is to contact Norton Support and ask them to add the time from your new product key to your existing subscription. Then the messages will stop, you do not lose any days from the old subscription, and you have no hassle about updating all your computers.

You can do this at any time before your subscription expires.


Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Subscription Renewal NAG NOTICES.

Did that years ago but it got to be a pain so I started waiting till the expiration date.  Symantec could easily make it automatic with any renewal but they want to push everyone to the expensive auto-renewal.