Subscription renewal process - needs some work

Not sure if this is the right place for this feedback but I couldn't find anywhere better. 

I have just assisted my father to renew his Norton subscription and it was far from straightforward. 

Dad had Norton Confidential installed on his eMac with Mac OS 10.5. The subscription was expiring in a week, so the renewal reminders were showing.  We selected the renew online option in live update and browsed through the available products.  The most prominent selection was Norton internet security - it was not immediately obvious how to renew Norton Confidential (this wasn't the best product for him anyway so we selected Internet security, but considering we had selected 'Renew' on Norton Confidential this could have been annoying.).  I was explaining  to him about shopping online and how he should look for the https: and the valid digital signature before entering his credit card details - unfortunately in this case, we were not in the web browser but were in the liveupdate application, and this all appeared to be hidden.  I would have expected a security company to be providing better means of avoiding phising - or at least being consistent.

When we entered our details and paid for the software, a page displayed with two download buttons and a help link.  None of these worked at all - we just clicked and nothing happened.  There was no indication that a page was loading (again hidden by liveupdate), and no indication that a pop up was being blocked (often the mouse pointer changes to provide an indication), and all I could find on the page itself was some reference to pop up blockers.  I could not tell which browser Norton was using (again this was hidden by Liveupdate) or how to change these settings.  We went directly to the Norton site via Firefox and found an FAQ about downloading purchased software.  This allowed us to login and download the software, but we still had to quit Liveupdate.  This required clicking the cancel button on the purchase, then cancelling the subsequent update of the software that was about to expire.  

Once we had done this, we installed the newly downloaded software - it didn't offer to uninstall the software that was about to expire, so had we not manually uninstalled this I assume it would have kept complaining about an expired subscription until we did

One final point - the size of the downloads.  The initial download was about 100MB, we then ran liveupdate and it downloaded another 100MBs of updates as part if the install process (possibly for the soon-to-expire Norton Confidential - we couldn't tell or choose not to update it), then ran update again and it downloaded another 25MB or so.  This sounds rather excessive - lucky we had broadband.  It is also not good that there is no indication that further updates are required.  If you didn't know you needed to run liveupdate until it said you were up to date, you could be left partially unprotected until the next scheduled update.