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A suggestion: "Use existing SymAccount" login credentials

I had a wonderfully painful time at signing up (see the slight sarcasm)

while I have open in another tab the BESR forum which only took me

about 5 seconds to sign up for using my SymAccount which was created

when I bought BESR 6.5 at the beginning of 2007

I pop into the signup for this forum hoping to do the same, but no way!

I had to come up with a password that I'll probably forget by Sunday since

my regular style of passwording isn't acceptable

and after about 4 retries at signing up, I finally made it;

Can we please switch to using SymAccount?

(you still get / create a SymAccount when you purchase & register a Symantec product, right?)




Re: A suggestion: "Use existing SymAccount" login credentials

Thanks for your suggestion.

We are aware the password requirement here is on the strict side, however setting an example is important.  Where we fail at this point, is in telling you what the requirements are, forcing you to learn each one of them slowly, as your requested passwords fail the test.  We are trying to improve upon that.

Yes Symaccounts are part of the Enterprise product registration proces, they are not however part of the Norton registration experience.  It may be helpful to note that not having logins on this forum tied to the symaccount process allows you to stay signed in here up to 30 days, just be sure to check the "remember my login on this computer" box at signon.    By contrast, over on the enterprise forums you are logged out after just 30 minutes of inactivity, and IE7 will not allow you to store your symaccount login information.  There are tradeoff's.

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