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Suggestions (idea area is down)

Joining this community is a bit intimidating if you do not have an IT degree. Lol 1: The Norton support site and community forum seriously needs a GLOSSARY. I’ve skimmed through multiple posts and wonder how many apply to me that I don’t recognize. 2: better distinctions need to be made when Norton products use the same terms. Ie, I have been using the ID safe that comes with Norton Security on my PC. Now I find there is an ID safe backed up to a cloud for travel and smartphones. But both the old and new products refer to the VAULT. So when instructions refer to the vault, it’s unclear which vault they mean. I finally had to chat with Norton support before I understood that they synced up. Even then there is no indication that a sync is happening unless you manually compare. Norton, please have clear instructions for beginners and an advanced section for all these IT pros. Thanks Robert Fear