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This forum thread needs a solution.
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Suggestions regarding dealing with "no NCS+ installation" detection(s) and resulting security-risk flagging(s)?

Okay - My Core experience thus far...

#1 - The Core "Out Of Box" experience was excellent and setup was a breeze...

#2 - I like that it's gripping about my election to sandbox it within its own dedicated (and isolated) VLAN construct. It should be gripping about that, IMHO... 

#3 - However; Today it dropped yesterday's Security Score of "Excellent" (even with it's detection of being virtually sandboxed,) down to "Good". This change apparently happening because two of the devices I'm testing it with the Core are Amazon Kindles, which the Core is flagging as security risks due to its not being able to detect an NCS+ presence on either of the devices, which of course, is quite correct:

Kindle #1 is a Fire-HD8 tablet with the freebie "Norton for Kindle Fire App" via Amazon App store installation.  - BTW, this is the only Norton security product option for non-jail broken Kindle Fire devices (thus far, anyway - and we're currently at 4+ years and counting, waiting for a better Norton solution on these devices).

Kindle #2 is a PaperWhite eReader tablet. There is no App Store option (of any kind) for these devices, BTW.

Okay - So I see that there's an override option for the "NCS+ not being detected" flaggings, which essentially is the ignore it, because "I Have Norton Security Installed" on the device override, which FWIW I did reluctantly enable for the Fire-HD8 (even though what's installed is an ancient version of a very limited/cobbled-up Norton Mobile app), but I just don't think I should do this for the Paper White...

So --- What is the proper/suggested course of action for this situation?


Edit - BTW, By overriding the Kindle-HD8's NCS+ detection, the Core's overall Security Score immediately went back into the "Excellent" zone, but it's still a "tick" or so lower than yesterday's score, presumably due to the Paper White device still being flagged for NCS+ nonconformity ...