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Support for Amazon Devices

I am one of the many Xfinity customers who are forced to look for another security solution at the end of 2020. Since I used the Constant Guard Xfinity Norton product for many years, I decided to enroll in Norton's Premium plan which included a VPN service. I am disappointed that I am unable to secure my new Firestick and Fire tablet devices (my fault for not adequately researching) with the Norton antivirus, VPN and password vault apps that I just acquired. I know that there are similar products available in the Amazon App Store, but no bundled solutions. Since there are over 40 million Amazon Fire TV devices in use it seems like a missed opportunity in a growing market.  More a question for Norton...but has anyone heard whether Norton is considering developing products for the Amazon tablet, TV and Alexa platform?  It will certainly have an impact on my renewal decision. 



Re: Support for Amazon Devices

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Your proposal is interesting and it is in the works ...!

Norton marketed a router (Norton Core) a few months ago to protect all IOT equipment in the house including TVs. This product is at the end of its life, but NortonLifeLock's commitment to also protect connected devices in the home remains very strong.

"We are working to expand Norton Core into a software solution that will help protect the connected home regardless of the router or Internet Service Provider."

Source and more information : How do I purchase Norton Core ?

Any news soon?