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Support Reports "Installation Failure" after Firefox 7 patch

UPDATE Sept 29 2011: A fix is now available for this issue via LiveUpdate. If you are still seeing this problem, run LiveUpdate to receive the fix. It will not require a reboot.

We've recently discovered an issue with the recent Firefox 7 patch. After updating your NIS/NAV 2012 (19.1.1) product with the latest Firefox 7 patch, and running the in-product Support, you may be notified that there has been an installation failure:

This error notification is being reported in error, and can be ignored. You may be directed to an article that recommends you uninstall and reinstall your NIS/NAV product, but we recommend that you do not uninstall and reinstall your NIS/NAV 2012 product.

Our team is working to resolve this problem, and should have a fix shortly. Thanks for your patience while we fix this error.

If you are unsure whether or not you've received the update, please check that the following file has been updated to the listed version:

NIS 19.1.1:

coFFPlgn.dll -- 2012.2.0.2

NIS 18.6/N360 v5.1:

coFFPlgn.dll -- 2011.7.2.3

Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation