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Support Scam

On August 18,2017,I entered norton security on my laptop. A popup said norton error and said to call toll free number. I called number and man said he was from norton. Said if i allowed remote control,they would check my pc. I let them . the man,aaron jacob, said pc was infected and he could turn me over to tech 3 to clean up my pc said it would cost 269.99 for cleanup and for 10 year protection for $545 they could protect my pc.When the receipt came it was from cyber active in ca. which norton said is a safe site to go on. But they scammed me and refuse to give my money back.



Re: Support Scam

 Chat with Official Norton Support   --|-- Call Official Norton Support 

There are many different ways to get Official Norton support:
In order to make sure you are visiting the correct Norton support page, be sure to type in support.norton.com in the URL bar of your browser. You can use Norton Support: Live Chat, which is the fastest way to solve your issue. There is also the Norton Forums, where you can browse through a library of Top Solutions around common problems. Request help via Norton’s phone support.

Additionally, you can stay up-to-date on the most current threats and scams on the Official Norton Protection Blog.

Official Norton Support webpage is located at https://support.norton.com.
Official Norton Support is always free to current subscribers.


Re: Support Scam


That's a too frequent scam that catches many since some of the sites you end up with are very clever in misleading you. Everything bjm says is correct but I'd add two things:

  1. I hope you paid them by your credit card. If so I would enter a dispute with your credit card company on the grounds that you were deliberately misled which should give you some basis to argue on while maybe one of the Norton staff who monitor here can join in and if you know the name of the outfit you spoke with and or its phone number that you called may be able to check whether they are associates or not.
  2. And again it's absolute that neither Microsoft nor Norton will cold call you although we here know that Norton might call you by arrangement after you have contacted them by one of the official routes.

A limited Google search makes me doubtful about the name you give for the scammer.


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