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Suppress message about email protection is off

In Windows 10 Pro, Norton 360 Premium always places a message upon bootup to remind me that I do not have email protection turned on.  I don't mind receiving other messages from the app but it is a hassle to always have to clear this message every time, and it is unwise to develop a habit of ignoring messages.  Also, just turning on e-mail protection is not an option because it results in performance that is so slow as to make e-mail unusable, despite running this on the latest MacBook Pro where most things are at least 4x the speed of my prior machine.

Is there a way to just suppress that message?


Accepted Solution
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Re: Suppress message about email protection is off

Open Norton, click on the Security tab, and click Advanced.  Hover your mouse pointer over the words Email Protection until a tooltip appears.  Click 'Ignore" in the tooltip.  This tells Norton to stop monitoring and alerting to the on/off status of your email protection.

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