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Switching PC's from one Norton Account to another


How am I supposed to switch a computer from one Norton Account to another?

It seems that once I set up Norton Family and give it a Norton Account, it's set for all eternity.

No matter what I do - and I've tried removing NOF, the Norton Removal Tool and even wiping the hard drive and reinstalling Windows - I cannot switch the PC to another Norton Account. I get the "Norton Servers are temporarily unavailable" error. Which makes absolutely no sense, but this is the cause - trying to switch a PC between Norton accounts.

I have many PC's and many Norton Accounts. I need to be able to switch a PC from one account to another.

Katie, you've already seen this problem in a private session.

When is this going to be fixed?

And how do I get I just downloaded



Re: Switching PC's from one Norton Account to another

Hi dbdan22,

What happens if you remove the PC (by clicking Remove link at Settings -> Profile) from one NF account and install Norton Family to the preferred PC (the 2nd PC) under a new (the 2nd)Norton Family account?



Thanks Katie

Re: Switching PC's from one Norton Account to another

I'm really sorry, Katie, but I'm very busy and I've already spent way too much time on this. You've seen the problem for yourself in a private session. In fact we've spent a few hours in private session on various problems, but I can't get anything more than "we'll look into it" and nothing ever gets fixed. I've offered to be an official beta tester (since I seem to be doing the developer's beta testing anyway, might as well make it official), but nothing came of that either. It's time for the developers to fix the problem and do their own beta testing for a change.

By the way, not only can't you change the Norton account on a reinstall, you can't change the Computer Name either, because it doesn't ask. An install dialog box has 3 questions: user, password & computer name. A reinstall only asks for user and pass.

Obviously a NOF uninstall is leaving parts of itself all over the place both on the PC and the servers. Please tell the developers that we mere users are not as perfect as they are and we need a total uninstall and clean reinstall for NOF.

Of course if this nonsense goes on much longer some of us may choose not to reinstall at all.

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