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Symantec/Norton Certified Definitions Added, Decreased or Optimized?!

To see the huge changes, simply hit "view all definitions sets by month" @ this https://www.symantec.com/security_response/definitions/certified/ page.

(Needless to explain, Heur here means Heuristic. E.G., this SONAR.Heur.C!g1)

SONAR.Heur.C!g1 is a heuristic detection for suspicious processes based on certain attributes and behaviors.

This is cool news, for badware researchers, and product testers. See related info:

The rise of false detection could be "expected", as well.

Wait... and see, and keep up with the new BETA engine.

What do you think of the worst disadvantage of traditional virus database, cloud based/ powered protection?

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Re: Symantec/Norton Certified Definitions Added, Decreased or Optimized?!

Experiments of specialists. It does not say anything. Delusional conclusions.

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