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Sync failure

I use Norton ID Safe on both my Windows10 desktop and Android tablet computers with same account. Then I save different login data on both computers, eg. yahoo account on desktop and google on tablet with password generator. Of course, it's the excellently secret passwords that are so difficult to remember and copy. I hope the vault can sync them both together because I use my account only but it's not.

Then I chatted with someone from Norton yesterday and he told me to uninstall the ID Safe app in my tablet and re-install. It seems a good idea and I found the data from my desktop in the app when I re-install in my tab. But a new problem happen, the previous login data in my tab is now disappeared. Also they still cannot sync the data together.

What can I do to sync the data together and retrieve my login data previously in my tablet? Or is it not possible to sync the data for Norton ID Safe with Android platform?



Re: Sync failure

Hello this older post may be of assistance: https://community.norton.com/en/comment/5289313#comment-5289313


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Re: Sync failure

With the latest version of ID Safe for Android, you can force a sync with the cloud vault. Open the ID Safe app, and tap on Logins. Then drag down on the list to force the sync. As long as you logins from the PC are in the cloud, you should see all your logins.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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