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This forum thread needs a solution.

'System Infected: Trojan Backdoor Activity 45'

Hi there.

Im constantly getting prompts from Norton of a 'System Infected: Trojan Backdoor Activity 45'. But when I use power eraser, and delete the suspicious files, nothing changes. (Screenshot of alert attached). Ive also done a full system scan and found nothing.

Is there an alternative program I should be using to find the culprit file, or is it something new that isn't on the Norton database?

Im using Norton Internet Security on Windows 10.

Thanks for your help guys.

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Re: 'System Infected: Trojan Backdoor Activity 45'

Try to edit offensive material before posting. Norton is blocking the attack. You downloaded or installed something which is using a fake explorer.exe to try and call home. It seems as though it is in your system restore folder. Turn off system restore and delete the old restore points. it is different between operating system. Not sure which you are running. Also clean up your temp files and cookies. This maybe a little more involved such as resetting your host files. Let's see what MalwareBytes finds. But Norton is blocking the attack so you are ok. 



Afterwards download and run MalwareBytes Antimalware Free and run a scan.



Re: 'System Infected: Trojan Backdoor Activity 45'

@Mr D P:

I read your screenshot:

  • that img indicates that "the intrusion attempt by localhost was blocked" and no further action is required; and your Norton client provides you w/ the extra option "Stop Notifying Me" - have you clicked on that button? At least, your PC is safe.
  • Were you trying to access some 3rd-party site? Or, did you encounter any page-based pop-up or alert re "software update" or "system error"?


Maybe there is (was) a (LOCAL) program starting in the startup sequence, generates(generated) a port scan now recognised as an illegal one.  

Then, try updating your Norton software using LiveUpdate > re-scan your system under Safe Mode later. BTW, using NPE with CAUTION!

Plz pay a visit to Norton Virus Protection Promise if you think you are STILL infected or you just keep receiving warnings from your Norton software re this. @floplot: would you please ask Web Team to look closely at the said xyz site?

  • Web Site Location: Russian Federation
  • This site has not been tested yet.


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