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System performance

I need advice as to how my W7 laptop can be speeded up. I get lots of buffering, not responding and long script messages. Thanks



Re: System performance

Disable startup programs that dont need be run during system startup. Configure windows services by disabling the services that you do not need (blackviper.com has a good guide for services). Change your power plan to high performance Set a fixed page file-1500 for min 4092max 32bit operating systems. For 64bit operating systems 1500min and 5000max Check for viruses and malware. Clean temp files. Upgrade to a solid state drive. Make sure your system has enough ram. Readyboost Etc


Re: System performance

You just follow the given steps to clear some temporary files to speed the performance of the pc system.
C:\Program Files\PC Performer\Italian_rcp.ini
C:\Program Files\PC Performer\korean_rcp_ko.ini
C:\Program Files\PC Performer\install_left_image.bmp
C:\Program Files\PC Performer\polish_rcp_pl.ini
C:\Program Files\PC Performer\xmllite.dll
C:\Program Files\PC Performer\German_rcp.ini
C:\Program Files\PC Performer\unins000.exe
C:\Program Files\PC Performer\Beforeuninstall.exe
C:\WINDOWS\Tasks\PC Performer_UPDATES.job

Kudos1 Stats

Re: System performance

To speed up your Windows 7 operating system,  follow the steps given below:

  • Scan Laptop for Viruses
  • Fix Registry Errors
  • Run Check Disk
  • Stop Unnecessary Background Programs
  • Run Disk Cleanup”

These are the best options you can try to speed up your computer.