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SystemWorks Drive Scan question

 When I open Norton SystemWorks and click on the Find and Fix Problems tab, to run the Norton

Disk Doctor, I get an error message "Error on Hard Disk 2 - Master Partition Table is unreadable.

I can't understand this because I only have one hard drive.  It is split into two sectors "C" drive (NTFS) is my

normal usage drive and "D" drive is HP's Recovery Disk (FAT). 

  The only reason I think I am getting this message, is that when my old hard drive was failing, I replaced it with a new hard drive and  I connected the  old drive to a spare SATA slot and recovered what data I could from it.  Then I removed that drive and now I only have the new drive in the PC. 

 When I run the PC-Doctor 5 for Windows program it doesn't show any problem with the drive.  Could SystemWorks still be seeing my old drive and if so, how do I get it to only see my current drive? I've tried clicking on the "Yes fix the problem" tab and it goes through its program, but nothing changes.  A lot of times it causes Windows to boot into the CHKDSK program, which takes about an hour to run.  It doesn't find any problems either.

  Any ideas of what to try, to clear that hard disk 2 error message? 



Re: SystemWorks Drive Scan question

No.  NDD will enumerate all drives/partitions.  There's also an issue where NDD will enumerate card readers (and some older models of printers that have card readers - usually updating drivers will change this) as hard drives.  This is due to the driver for the reader.  If you go to system information or device manager it should list what windows considers drives. 

What the message could be coming from is either the HP recovery partition or a card reader.  If it's reading either one, you can ignore it (before you initiate your scan you should see each drive letter). 

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