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"SysUIAgent wants to change something" pop out everytime when I allow connections

Hi guys,

I've bought Norton Internet Security 5 for Mac last week, it was fine until now.

Now everytime I open a new app ( I say "new" means this app hasn't been launched since norton installed), a windows poped out asking me to"allow it access internet connections" ( Im using Japanese version of Mac OS so I dont know exactly how it says I just translated it for you)

But then another windows poped out (please see the pic here http://d.pr/i/9Chk ) to ask my password, the pop-out window says "SysUIAgent wants to make some changes, to do this please type your password". It happened everytime and it's a bit annoying, And I dont think it happened before.

Please tell me what's going on and how to get this annoying message disappeared.

Thanks and god bless you,



Re: "SysUIAgent wants to change something" pop out everytime when I allow connections

It looks like you have the settings for outgoing connections from Applications set to 'Ask' instead of 'Allow'.

Open Norton Firewall, go to the Firewalls tab and click 'Configure' for Connection Blocking.

In the drop down menu for 'View', select 'Applications' and now click on outgoing tab on the right hand side and make sure you have it set to 'Allow'.

Please note Norton firewall will no longer ask your permission and all the applications will be able to make outggoing connections.

Let us know if it helped.

SunilkumarSoftware Engineer, Mac ProductsSymantec Corporation

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