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TCP SYN Flood with iPhone

This week Norton on my MacBookPro has been blocking a SYN TCP Flood "attack" from my iPhone 8 (running iOS 11.2.1).  I suspect Norton is being oversensitive.

Any ideas?



Re: TCP SYN Flood with iPhone

Hello Mark. First thing I would do is perform a reset on whatever router you are using. That will force your ISP to reassign a new IP address and clear all your leases. When you restart the router connect ONLY the machine you are currently seeing this issue on. LEAVE all other devices OFF the network and try to duplicate the issue. Please have a look at this article for clarification:



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Re: TCP SYN Flood with iPhone

An update.

Based on timing, I believe that this Syn Flood from my iPhone to my MacBookPro is happening when I use my Apple Watch to unlock the laptop.

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