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Telephone Call

I have today received an international phone call where the caller (man) stated that he was from Norton and explained that Norton had recently tried to update my installation but without success. He asked me to open my PC and follow his guidance. I refused as I had a degree of suspicion. Is this normal for Norton to telephone  individuals univited regarding some professed problem with their installation? My Norton product is fully updated and running perfectly.


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Re: Telephone Call

Hi Gwynneth,

No - This is not normal and very definitely not how Norton (Symantec) works.  You correctly identified the call as an individual masquerading as a Norton representative...

Unfortunately this is a common and prevalent ploy being perpetrated by nefarious persons whose actual goal is to bilk money from you.  And had you acceded to their requests you would have undoubtedly been told that there was all sorts of items wrong with your computer.  Also be well assured that there soon would have been real problems, had you actually let them access your computer.  Soon they would have offered to make everything right again - for a fee (usually it's around $199 U.S.) - but then there's always more fees...

So congratulations - You chose the correct path...

And please remember this experience should it happen again, particularly since these individuals can be quite persistent in their insidious efforts of getting you to let down your guard.

A good answer to give (when they call) is, "Sorry - There must be some mistake - I don't own a computer..." and then hang up.



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Re: Telephone Call

Hello Gwynneth

That sounds like a scam call. You might get a call back from the tech dept. if you had a chat and it wasn't finished or if they told you they would call back on a certain day. No, Norton tech dept. would not call uninvited like that and ask to go into your computer like that. You did the right thing in not letting them do that.

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