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Re: test


Please delete this post, thank you. It was just a test because I had made a very long and informative post about the Norton Security Deluxe (NSD) Engine Update  and the issues it is creating with CCleaner.

However, it seems after contacting support about what happened to my post on the NSD forums, that no one can find the post that I made. It has disappeared completely into cyber space. This is a real pain considering the fact that I had spent a ton of time bringing forth information without being paid of course, and the post disappears for no reason at all. I am not a newbie at posting by the way.

Why would Norton decide to put our (release) a compatibility update before Windows puts out the new Redstone Creator update itself. You do not put the cart before the horse, the horse is supposed to pull the cart, not the cart pulling the horse!!!

Also when they put out a major engine update why can't they make sure that there are no issues with the update first, millions of people use CCleaner, so it's not like it is a very small program that just got released.

                                Take Care & Stay Safe,


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