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There is no family subscription for Norton 360 ?

I purchased a Norton 360 Premium II subscription for 10 devices for me and my family.

I log in under my Norton account
I head to the download option which allows me to send a download link via email, sms, etc.
I enter my daughter's email
She receives the email and completes the installation of Norton 360
She logs in with her email, the one I used to forward the download.
Whoops! does not work.

We see that she must connect with my user code and my password.

I thought the license allowed one family to share the license for 10 devices.

Can you confirm that this is not the case?

I guess I will have the same problem with Norton 360 Platinum and Platinum Plus I (20 devices)



Re: There is no family subscription for Norton 360 ?

You can share the subscription with multiple family members, but the Norton Account is still in your name using your email and account password. 

The email invitation you sent would have installed a pre activated copy of your 360 product. There should be no need to log in from their 360 copy.

If they want to use Norton Password Manager, NPM, they can create their own Norton Account to use with NPM. 

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