This forum thread needs a solution.

Is there a 'User Manual' for Norton 360?

The community forum is not well-occupied (more questions than answers).

12 years ago there was a printed text manual for the Norton subscription I had at that time. I would be keenly interested in reading an update of such a manual for the current Norton 360.

Today I had intended to employ Microsoft Defender/Security to do an offline scan of the pre-boot environment to address rootkits etc. 

I did that some months ago, and determined that I should do that daily or weekly... but Now when I try to turn Norton temporarily OFF, I still cannot access Microsoft Defender/Security.

I suspect that N360 has similar capabilities ... but I do not know how to find such information.

The website feels like islands without interconnection links.   A 'Site Index' would help access potential user information.

We should ALL be learning Always about our devices, and the associated equipment (N360).

A link to the manual would be delightful... if one exists.

Thanks, Tom



Re: Is there a 'User Manual' for Norton 360?

You'd think it would be easy to find on the Norton website or in the Help section of the product itself.  But no.  But it does exist!