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This forum thread needs a solution.

Threat(?) not picked up by Norton Scan

I keep getting a "pop-up" which my Norton security seems not to deal with.  It is a pop-up with the following statement:

** Microsoft Warning Alert **

Malicious Pornographic Spyware/Riskware Detected

Please call us immediately at 020-3514-9444

Do not ignore this critical alert

If you close this page your computer access will be disabled to prevent further damage to our network

your computer has alerted us that it has been infected with a Pornographic, Spyware and riskware. The following information is being stolen

> Financial Data

> Facebook Logins

> Credit Card Details

> Email Account Details

> Photos stored on this computer

You must contact us immediately so that our expert engineers can walk through the removal process over the phone to protect your identity. Please call us within the next 5 minutes to prevent your computer from being disabled or from any information loss.

Finished.(my comment)

I have just now noticed that Norton does not support Edge which is where the item now is but it has also appeared on Chrome.  I would appreciate any advice on how to get rid of it.  I have run scans with both Malwarbytes and Norton.  The last time I ran Malwarbytes it picked it up and quarantined it but is not now picking it up again and it just keeps coming back.  I seems to be coming from Facebook as it arrives after I have been on that site. I have also run NPE which did not pick it up but I only tried than when it was on Edge, not the occasion when it was on Chrome. 



Re: Threat(?) not picked up by Norton Scan

Hello Megan LeFey

You have described a pop-up from some page visited which has been compromised with code to broadcast a scare-pop.  Norton doesn't have a filter for con-game data. This thread provide a place for examples of it. You didn't call the phone number, right. Malware Bytes quarantines the execute on closing code.

Try selectively deleting cookies. The affected site (feed?) might have left a check-for-updates type cookie. Otherwise, wait until the administrator of that site cleans it off.



Re: Threat(?) not picked up by Norton Scan

Thank you Fbgnarm for your reply.  I will try to either ignore it until (as you say) the admin of the site cleans it off or have a look at the cookies.  Afraid that I am one of those very old biddies who is just a little too dangerous to be allowed near a computer but I will see what I can find.  I suspect that even if I just get rid of all the cookies, it won't be too disastrous.  I seem to remember someone saying that their friend called the number (which happily, I declined to do) and the person at the other end charged them for removing it.


Re: Threat(?) not picked up by Norton Scan

Don't you just love how she has five (5) minutes to call?  Yeah, call in the next five minutes, and we'll double your Trojans - - for free! (laughs)

I concur with Fbgnarm, definitely do NOT call that number, in just some cursory research, this is what i found:

I will also add, if this is even giving your Malwarebytes' program fits, this might be pretty pervasive, beyond just clearing cookies.  If you do not feel confident in examining background processes that are running on the system OR editing the registry, I would just call Symantec directly at: 1-877-788-4877. 




Re: Threat(?) not picked up by Norton Scan

These scams are usually delivered by a malicious coded ad on the web site you are visiting using Java Script. Installing an ad blocker for your browser usually stops this kind of pop up.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Threat(?) not picked up by Norton Scan

Hello MeganLeFey

If you know what site you picked this up at, I can have the Safe Web Team check it out. If you post the site, please post it so it can't be clicked on. You can put   (dot) where one should be.

I would also recommend that you stop off at one of the Free Malware Removal sites. An expert can help you to clean off your computer. Please sign up at one of them and stick with them until your computer is clean. If you don't understand how to do something, then just ask them and tell them to give you easy directions..

Please see this link for an up to date description of these sites plus the addition of a newly listed site formed by one of our successful malware remover users who unfortunately has passed away. That site is still being run by a good expert who happens to be one of the other Gurus.  The new site is listed first in this link.


The ad blocker is good for prevention, but it won't cure it.



Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.

Re: Threat(?) not picked up by Norton Scan

Hello Megan LeFey,

"The last time I ran Malwarbytes it picked it up and quarantined it..." Malwarebytes quarantined the code (?and block re-delivery?). "...but is not now picking it up again..."   Malwarebytes did not find a variation of, or new code to quarantine or block. "...it just keeps coming back." The message in the (de-fanged) scare-pop box keeps coming back.

"I have run scans with both Malwarbytes and Norton." Neither one found it on first scan. Then on repetitions  Malewarebytes quarantined it FIRST, and there is nothing left for Norton to find.

The CODE/instructions left in the digitally de-fanged scare-pop is MAKE A PHONE CALL and talk to a Con-man or Con-woman.

Clearing ALL Cookies, ALL Temps, and ALL Cached data leaves me with the job of restoring authentication data for Merchant/Vendor/Financial pages, MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) validation for dozens of sites. That is time consuming and why I suggested selectively deleting from the browsers' respective "temp" folders until ADMIN fixes the compromised site.

Peterweb  and Floplot posted above while I was composing this. Disabling Java is another option, then polite ads that include a link that can be checked before clicking would be allowed.



Re: Threat(?) not picked up by Norton Scan

Hi @MeganLeFey,

Thanks for reporting an issue in Norton Community Forums. Please let us know if you are still getting popup from browser, our team would like to gather few details for further investigation. Thanks

Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation

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