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Time Change Problems

I have two children, and they both have their computer set to the right Timezone (double checked each of them) and the family control panel under parent is also set to the right timezone.  I have them both set to log out at 10pm, but each of them show in the Norton they are set to log out at 9pm instead.  I have had them both check for updates and reboot their computer, and it still shows wrong.  Can someone tell me what might be the issue?

The message when I check their time on Norton Family:

This is in the Norton Family control panel:

This is in Windows of each computer:

This is when they should be logged out as per the House Rules Time:



Re: Time Change Problems

Hi Amerisun,

Thanks for the detailed information with screen shots.   Can you please provide below information as well as the sequence of steps that they tried (if possible).

  1. If you set the logout time for the intended device in portal, as time monitoring is specific to device?
  2. If any change made in portal reflected in the child’s device? (does policy sync happen properly).
  3. If you restarted the device before time zone/day light change or after time zone/day light change?



Thanks Katie
Accepted Solution

Re: Time Change Problems

1. I have it set so that all my times affect every device for each of the kids.  (no specific device)  They have a number of devices from phones to tablets to computer and laptops around the house that I want the same rules for.

2. I changed the time in the norton control panel, saved, changed it back (from 10 to 11 and then back to 10) and had each child go into their icon in the task bar and sync too the server.  Didn't change anything.  I also changed the timezone on their local computer to Pacific and then back to Eastern time to see if it was a local computer issue.

3. I had done all this and restarted the computer Sunday (day of day light change) to no avail.

It would seem today it's fixed (day after the day light change), I will note if next time change if the day of the change I have problems and re-comment on this post to see maybe it's an issue on the day the time changed since on Sunday it changed at (2:00am) and that was the day I was having problems.  

Thanks for the prompt response.

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