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Time control activates early

I have just started using the parental control feature on my son's Android device. However, I am at a loss how it calculates the time used.

This morning I had the device set to unlock at 6.30. My son started using the device at that time. At 7.30 the device locked because he reached his 2 hours allowance for the day.

How is that possible? Does the device include time used the previous day?

Also, once this occurs, there seems to be no way to adjust or reset the timer. All I can do is totally unlock the device or allocate more time.

At the moment I am finding the software to be more trouble than it is worth. I am spending a lot of time locking and unlocking it manually.

Thank you



Re: Time control activates early

Hi JackC,

Thanks for reaching out to us. We have sent you a private message with our analysis.

Norton Family Team

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