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Time Curfew Disappearing Act


I have read a few concerns about the time curfew not kicking in.   My child should have three hours every day unless I allow him more. I am also experiencing the issue where Norton does not have an time logged in by the child (as per Norton's email) where he has been on the computer for many hours.

Can you please help me figure out how to resolve this issue and how the child may have bypassed the time?

Thank you



Re: Time Curfew Disappearing Act


We would like to know few details.
1. Could you please check Norton Family is running in the system tray.

2. Click on the Norton Family icon in the system tray and select "View Time Remaining".  This should display the remaining time on the device.  Please let us know what do you see.

3. We would like to know whether your child account is a Standard User or Admin user account in Windows.  We recommend you to provide Standard user account to your child.

4. Could you also check your child device date time settings are set properly.

5. Please try the following to check the Time Curfew feature.
Login to Norton Family website and choose the child and respective device.
Block the current time in Norton Family Portal and save the settings.
On the child PC, check whether the PC is getting locked out.

Please let us know your observations on the above, we will be happy to assist. 

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