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This forum thread needs a solution.

Time limit isn't as expected

Hi there,

Last weekend I installed Norton Family on my sons laptop (Windows 10).  I set up time restrictions and actually everything seemed to be working fine.  I set up the following rules:

2 hours, Sunday to Thursday (6am - 9pm)

4 hours, Friday and Saturday (6am - 9pm)

However at 6:53 AM I got a notification saying his daily time limit had been reached.  This can't be possible.  He'd need to have been using the laptop since 2:53 AM for him to accrue 4 hours of usage and I know he was sleeping plus it was outwith the hours allowed.

Is this a known issue, perhaps with timezones or suchlike?  Seems like it's counting properly, but not applying it to a UK time zone.





Re: Time limit isn't as expected

I have the same issue. Did you get any replies/solutions?


Re: Time limit isn't as expected

Not yet, but I only posted this on Friday - so there's still time.


Re: Time limit isn't as expected

Hi Simon2016,

First,  please make sure the computer time at Start -> Control Panel -> Date and Time is set to correct time, then please follow these steps to make the Time Zone online correct.

1)     Go to your web browser and type in https://family.norton.com

2)     Click  “Sign-In” link and enter your email address and password

3)     After you’ve signed in, click on Parent icon under Configure Family

4)    Select Time Zone  you prefer and Save it.



Thanks Katie

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