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This forum thread needs a solution.

Time on PC not correct

None of the PCs in the house would let my daughter log on today stating she had reached her time allowance.  She was at school all day and was not on her computer before she left.  I tried to extend her time in the house rules section and that didn't fix it.  I had her restart her computer, not fixed.  I finally had to stop monitoring on PCs so she could get on and do homework.

Now that I'm home from work, I can sit with her laptop next to me and I've updated Norton on her computer, still not fixed.  Restarted after updates, still not fixed.  Checked the browser plug in (keep getting emails for that too), it's fine.  

I'm really puzzled as to what is causing this.



Re: Time on PC not correct

Can you please send me your Norton Family account email address and her profile name by private message via the forum by clicking Inbox at upper right hand corner?



Thanks Katie

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