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Time Supervision

We just got my son his first phone, a Samsung Galaxy J3, on which I have installed Norton Security & Family, along with MalwareBytes.

I am having a difficult time with getting the time restriction settings to work properly. Everyday I need to input my PIN to override the system lock that Norton Family places on his phone.

Looking at how to schedule the time restrictions, when I am choosing times that he is ALLOWED to use the phone, do those blocks need to be BLUE or GREY? Currently, it appears to me that the times that he is allowed to utilize that phone should be GREY, and the times that are blocked are BLUE, is this correct? It seems backwards to me, but when I reverse it, I get a warning saying that the allotted time is outside of the usable hour range (or something along those lines).

Typically, this would not be a big deal, as I have his internet shutting off when it is time to go to bed, or he has spent enough time online for the day. But the challenge that I am now faced with is that since he has a phone, WiFi really doesn't matter since he can suck up all of our data plan instead of using the WiFi.



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Re: Time Supervision

Hi @Nuke ,

Welcome to Norton Community!

BLUE specifies blocked hours and GREY specifies allowed hours.

So, please make sure the blocks are grey for allowed hours and blue for blocked hours.

"You have a mismatch between allowed hours and the allowed time range" warning message will be displayed if you have set daily usage limit(Total number of hours allowed) for the child device for example as 2 hours but the allowed time range(Only one bar is GREY-1 hour for entire day) is less than 2. But if you still wish to keep the setting that way, you can go ahead.

Kindly reach us if you need further help.


Devi AK


Re: Time Supervision

Thanks for the help.

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