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Time Supervision not working on iPhone


Time supervision does not work on my daughters iPhone

She has the latest version of the app loaded. My subscription is up to date and paid. 

The bloody thing worked yesterday but it was alerting me of my own txts instead of hers so I deleted it from her phone and started again. I found where I went wrong with that so all good but now I get an alert saying the iPhone is not supported yet I see that the last release does support it.

What am I doing wrong? Appreciate any advice



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Re: Time Supervision not working on iPhone


Time Supervision is not supported yet on iPhone. Are you referring to instant lock feature that worked for you before and stopped working? Please elaborate more on the issue you are facing and clarify more about "text alerts you had received instead of your daughter". This would help us to guide better.



Re: Time Supervision not working on iPhone

When is the feature going to be added? They said it was imminent back in JULY!  I am seriously considering cancelling my subscription and switching to net nanny. Without unified supervision across devices the time supervision feature is almost useless.

It's not a technical limitation KidsLox does this and they have 1/1000 the resources of Norton.  Just create an MDM that gives the ability to manage time in iOS and link it to the app, how damn hard is that?


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