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This forum thread needs a solution.

Time Supervision won´t shut down tablet (Android)

Hello There,

My child uses a Galaxy A Tab (Android), I have enabled the time supervision for overall-use.

While watching Youtube-Clips, the Time Supervision tracks the time and sends a notification when the limit ist reached, but does not shut down the running youtube-App-Clip. This only works when my child leaves the app and tries to start it again (which, of course, is not the prefered option for a youtube-addicted 12 year old) 

I had hoped that the norton family App can support my effort to limit my childs screen time – but this obvious bug contradicts that. I wonder if that is a bug or failure of the app or if there is a certain setting I have missed. 

It also would be very (!) convenient, if the time supervision would be able to set different time limits for certain apps (to handle video apps different than music apps i.E.)


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Re: Time Supervision won´t shut down tablet (Android)

Hi Jogybear,

We tried to reproduce this issue with following steps but no luck

1. Keep Youtube App in foreground in full screen->Play videos until daily limit reaches

2. App quits on reaching daily usage limit and home page is displayed

3. 'Time Block' page is displayed on re-launching the app

Please share us the steps if it is different from above and also share debug logs for further investigation

1. Launch Norton Family Browser Application (Child Mode)
2. Tap on child avatar on the top left corner in the browser
3. Click Contact Us
4. Enable debug logs.
5. Reproduce the issue.
6. Once reproduced, follow steps 1-3 and enter  ‘Email Address’ (you can find my email address under my profile in the forum) to send the debug logs


Devi AK

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