Time Used on Device Incorrect - No Way to Extend

My daughter woke up this morning and her phone says she's used 4.3 hours out of a possible 2 when she hasn't used any. Aside from this error in tracking I see no way to "reset" the clock or extend her hours for 2 hours. I tried to have her send me a request - I granted her 2 more hours and it still won't unlock.

Please help


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Re: Time Used on Device Incorrect - No Way to Extend


Thanks for reaching out to the Norton Family forum.

The time usage automatically resets at every midnight. Could you check if NF Android app is included in battery optimisation on your phone, if so exclude it so that it gets the right priority to execute usage reset at midnight.

Refer to this link for information on battery optimisation -

Regarding the 2hr time extension, we were able to confirm from backend that the extension was honoured. Could you please check this one more time, if it repeats we could have a troubleshooting session to understand the issue more.


Norton Family Team

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