Today has been my single best day ever!

So after being stalled or creeping for the past couple of days, today I saw a huge jump.  When I when to work this morning my ETH was at 0.002089. I just looked at it and it now stands at 0.003040.  This means that if this was the normal rate, I could make a payout every three or four days. Now that, I can live with. Hope it stays this. 


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Re: Today has been my single best day ever!

Miner is working good right now ! Just looked back since  OCT 1 to today OCT 22, Had 12 payouts and 2 payouts came when they were sitting on payouts because of gas fees . One payout was almost the amount of 4 payouts and the other over 3 payouts . That 17 payouts out of 22 days . When miner is running well rig payout right about every 24 hours. That makes me short over 4 days of mining from the problems they have resolved.

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