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Too big to be useful?

I have been on-line since 1994 and had my own business web site since 1996. I have seen a trend that Norton is also following: The web site is too big and too "helpful." Too many broad choices and not enough focus. Example: I wanted to see if I could find out how to import my address book in Norton Anti-spam, but searches include the word "important" when I search for "import." Like Google, the forum search engine asks me if I meant "important," but, unlike Google, does not give me the option of rejecting the help. Thus my search becomes worthless. Also, the search seems to return every occurrence of the letters "import" in the database. Adding the word "address" now retrieves all text with the word "address" in it. Really? I can't search for a phrase or get a retrieval that prioritizes based on either "import" -- as that is what I searched for -- or "import addresses?" 

As a new user I feel overwhelmed by the amount of data presented and all the promotion Norton wants to throw at me. I need help and getting it seems more difficult than it should be. The search problem is just an example and a symptom of the larger problem. Companies need to learn that it isn't the quantity of data that is helpful, it is the organization and focus of that data via end user friendly tools to reach it. Did you ever have your wife send you to the store to get some product that you are unfamiliar with? You get there and stand in front of a display of seemingly endless choices for the same or similar product. You try to filter the display down to something you can work with but are stymied by the shear volume of products. If your are smart you call home or ask for a sales person. Now imagine that same display organized by some easily identifiable signage that guides you. That is the sort of help this web site needs. 



Re: Too big to be useful?

This is not just a Norton issue. Searching anything on the internet, whether globally or on individual sites, seems to be more of an art than a science.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Too big to be useful?


I think all of us would agree with you about searching here using the search box and as Peter said it's widespread although my long experience (longer than yours! <g>) in using Boolean Logic helps me with Google in particular -- especially the use of "  " and + or -

Practically speaking coming here and looking for a solution to a problem is a non-starter because of this and not because the site is too large.

The best way is to come and ask with specifics about your system and which version of Norton Product you have ( so often omitted ) is about the only way specially if you pick the Forum most likely to relate to your setup.

Apart from the Product named forums, Forum Feedback is as you clearly know for problems with the Forums themselves; Tech Outpost is for computing problems not specifically related to Norton Products and Clubhouse is for topics not relating to Computers or to Norton.

I hope you will stick around and help others too.


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