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Toolbar Degrading IE and Chrome?

I switched to Chrome on a fully updated Windows 8.1 PC with the latest Norton Security because IE 11 was getting very annoying to use.  Pages were loading slowly and the Norton Toolbar with Identity Safe was constantly appearing and disappearing.  That meant either I couldn't click on links or I'd hit the wrong link because the target link was always moving up or down.  Also, despite disabling the 'Ask me to open vault' setting, I still got prompts to open the vault.

Note that I have no other third party add-ons and it seemed to get worse as time went on.  Before I went to Chrome, I did a full IE reset which seemed to help for a short time.  

Chrome worked great for a while but is now doing as poorly as IE.  The Norton Toolbar again pops in and out, and pages are loading slowly.  Disabling the Toolbar seems to make both run much faster.

Has anyone else had this experience?  Is there some setting that could account for this problem?



Re: Toolbar Degrading IE and Chrome?


Sorry for the issue you are facing.

If possible can please share the URLs on which you are facing these issue on IE and Chrome, so it would be helpful.

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