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TRIPPlite, an UPS application doesn't work on my PC.


I have a UPS from TRIPPlite directly connected to my comptuer via USB and they have an application (TrippLite Power alert console) that will not work though the Norton Firewall.  I know this is true because if I turn off the firewall the application works.  

I have made sure that the program is setup under program control as you see below but it still does not work.    Tripp says it needs specific ports opened but this UPS but is directly connected over USB so I do not understand why network ports are involved.

Can anyone provide me any suggestions on what I can do to get this software to work on my Desktop.

Thanks for any help and guidance 


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Re: TRIPPlite, an UPS application doesn't work on my PC.

In Firewall settings, set Network Trust level to Full Trust.  See if that resolves the issue, although I don't see how the firewall would be involved if the UPS is connected directly to your PC via USB.  You might also try turning off Norton USB device scans in the Antivirus settings.

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