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Trojan Backdoor Hijack #365838d7f8a4fa5

Norton Sec. Std. installed 4/28/17.   After opening up on 4/29 got a pop up "Zeus virus detected" per above title.  Wrote down a tel# 18556240094 & an IP  Pinged the IP for an address which was Qwest Communication, as I recall,  people in AZ know this is the old name for the current Century Link telephone company.  The above pop up did not freeze my screen as some scams do.  Clicked the delete x at top right of screen, lost the pop up, & landed back at my previous screen.  Called the above tel# & got a recording "...we'll be with you shortly...".  Still not sure whether the above Trojan Backdoor... is a scam or not.



Re: Trojan Backdoor Hijack #365838d7f8a4fa5


Short answer: Definitely not a number to call for help:


Now for best immediate thing to do:

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You would be better off in Norton Security

It is possible to get messages moved by moderators but it's a weekend and fewer are on duty; in some countries Monday is a Bank Holiday also ..... So I'd suggest you repost your message there.

Easy to copy the text to you clipboard. Click on the Norton Security link

Click on Post new Item and go on from there.

You need to complete the same sort of blanks as here and then click on Save.

Hope that helps


Re: Trojan Backdoor Hijack #365838d7f8a4fa5

Hi, Gene. In the meantime to set your mind at rest likely to be a scam, but we can go into this more fully when your thread is moved.

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Re: Trojan Backdoor Hijack #365838d7f8a4fa5

Thread has been moved now.

Definitely a scam.  Norton detections would not include a phone number or IP address. As long as you did not click anything on that pop up, you should be OK.

First thing is to run a full system scan with your Norton Security.

Assuming that comes up clean, you can install an ad blocker add on for your browser. This will help eliminate many of these scams.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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