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This forum thread needs a solution.

Trojan not detected!


My hardware network firewall is giving me this alert lately originating from my macbook: 

Message: IPS Alert 1: A Network Trojan was Detected. Signature ET USER_AGENTS klm123 . com Spyware User Agent. From:, to:, protocol: TCP

The portnumber keeps changing from the .202 host (my macbook). Norton Security is not indicating any threat, but of course I feel not so confident about this.

Any help, suggestions? 



Re: Trojan not detected!

Hello embee.j. The alert you are seeing CAN indicate someone is wandering through your neighborhood doing WAN IPS sniffing. Here is an article on the subject. I would change your login credentials on your router as well as disable the SSID on its WiFi so the network can no longer be seen. Firewalling the default login port on your router is also suggested per the article linked to. And of course, update the firmware of your router to prevent vulnerability access. Here are some free tools you can use to determine if you need to take further actions.


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