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Hi everyone,

I apologise if this topic has been discussed before, I'm new to this!

A couple of days ago my norton software detected and quarantined a Trojan.Gen.2 virus. I got the security message notifying me of this and in the quarantine section there was a message saying "Threat resolved. No action required." The file that caused this was a .tmp file.

This is purely for my peace of mind - has the virus been deleted completely or do I need to delete the infected file? I have a full system scan and nothing wad wrong and I know my Norton AntiVirus had said I don't need to take any further action but I can't help but think the virus is still on my laptop somewhere! There are no problems with my laptop, everything seems to be working fine. As I said this is only to put my mind at rest!

Thanks in advance for any info you may have (for someone who isn't computer literate!)




Re: Trojan.Gen.2

Your system should be fine, no action required, Norton's has done it's job for you


Re: Trojan.Gen.2

Hello Adam81

For a good second opinion install Malwarebytes and run a full scan.

You can download it here  MBAM

Remember to update it before the scan.


Re: Trojan.Gen.2

Thanks to both of you. Downloaded that malware software and found nothing so I guess I'm ok!

Thanks again


Re: Trojan.Gen.2


Their is very slight chance of it being a false Positive too!


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