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I did full system scan and fond "Trojan.Gen.2" located in my download. I have Norton Internet Security 5 for Mac ver. 5.7 (25) the file is quarantine. I've also read the this virus only affects PCs so why is it in quarantine and how can I remove the file completely from my Mac. I need some specific instruction on how to remove this from my machine.



Re: Trojan.Gen.2

Trojan.Gen, Gen.2, Gen.3 is just a Generic detection for a object,  So I would say it is not PC exclusive, as the detection could be on a PC, Mac, Tablet or Phone.   

Could be a detection for Malware a False Positive or the Detection in SEP problem.

I could get files from a Mac to look at on my system and the files are still detected as Trojan.Gen.3 even though the files are now on a PC and not a Mac.  This would mean the detection is not PC exclusive.

To put simple 

What if a new variant of OSX.Trojan.Flashback appears, Norton just detects as Trojan.Gen...   that is on a Mac

What if a new variant of   Trojan.Zeroaccess   appears,  Norton just detects as  Trojan.Gen.  ..  that is on a PC 

So I just can't see how a Generic detection is PC exclusive whether a FP or not.

It could be a file that is actually a False Positive, a file received for Windows you downloaded (but won't run on OSX) etc.  It is like when I download for testing OSX (mac) malware files even though I can not install on a Win machine (well without bashing)




Re: Trojan.Gen.2

Trojan.gen.2 appears to be just a generic heuristic detection; that is, Norton found something suspicious about the file and quarantined it.  If there is an option in the quarantine screen to submit it to Symantec for further analysis then I would recommend that you use it; otherwise, there should be an option in the quarantine screen to simply delete the file permanently.  Once you command Norton Antivirus to delete the file permanently, then it should no longer be able to harm your computer.

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