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This forum thread needs a solution.


I've used Norton virus protection for years so thought I would start using Norton Password Manager instead of a spreadsheet.  Spent ages keying in websites, userids and passwords (perhaps this is where I started to go wrong in my use of the product?).  Thought using it would be intuitive, but seems I was wrong.  (Have never used a password manager before.)  Can't seem to get Password Manager to do anything I need it to do except to save new userids and passwords once I've keyed them into a login screen (which are often not new at all - already in Password Manager).  I guess I need some sort of simple guide to how to use the product, but all I can find is lists of product features - nothing at all about how to use it.  Have wasted heaps of time on this and am now strongly tempted to see if there is an intuitive password management solution out there, and ditch Norton's, ie to start from scratch again.   So where can I find a simple guide about how I should be using the product?



Re: Troubles


Re: Troubles

When you were entering the websites, were you using the actual login page full URL, or just the home page of the web site? That could be why you are getting prompted to add a new login. 

Check the links bjm_  posted above, and post back if there is something that you are still not sure of. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Troubles

Thanks for the links.  I use Chrome, so I installed the Chrome Extension - this seems to be where I went wrong, as one of the links sent to me said:

"Fill Assistant from the Norton Security Toolbar is not available in the new Chrome extension. We're working on new ways of quickly accessing your vault information for all types of webpage forms."

So the main behaviour I was expecting from Norton Password Manager over and above the spreadsheet I used to use to store passwords doesn't actually function in Chrome, which explains a lot.  Seems like the Chrome extension is a big backwards step.  I may try to get rid of the Chrome extension somehow, and see what happens then.  Failing that my spreadsheet wasted far less time so I might go back to that,




Re: Troubles

Hi Kim Travis,

Sorry for the issue you are facing.

Please review the below help link (2nd section - Set up Norton Password Manager from the browser extension)


Once you have the Online Vault created you are ready to use Norton Password Manager.

Whenever you visit a Login form and try to login with a username and password,

- Norton Password Manager will offer you a notification to Save the Login 

- Once the Login is stored in Norton Password Manager, whenever you visit the same site again, Norton will offer you the passwords to fill

To know more, please review the other help links captured by bjm_ above.

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