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Trying to replace hard drive by cloning but

I purchased a new hard drive for my computer. I then installed Norton's ghost to transfer my files. It did it successfully, however when I switched out the hard drive, it did not work. I got a screen asking me to reboot and change boot sequence. I did change the sequence and still gave me the same screen. Is there something I need to do in order to fully replace it or do I need to clone again? Also, all my cloned in a norton folder on the new hard drive.

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Re: Trying to replace hard drive by cloning but

Ghost version? What OS are you using? You used the COPY function to clone drive to new drive? What options?  How did you handle the new drive when connected to PC first time? Did you let Window initialize it and assign a drive letter?

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Re: Trying to replace hard drive by cloning but

Had a hell of a time finding this but is probably relevant for you...


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