Turn off annoying Norton sales pitches

Is there a way to turn off all the annoying Norton pitches to sell me more add on products? My system is running fine to my satisfaction and yet Norton continually thinks I need more add-on products. Today I had no less than about 6 or 8 of these on 2 machines. I use "don't remind me again" where available, but it does not seem to help.  Been a long time subscriber but about to give up due all the intrusiveness. Norton Security Deluxe. Version: Current.


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Re: Turn off annoying Norton sales pitches

I have made every attempt to silence Norton 360, made settings changes, repeatedly answered "No Thanks" to pop ups, yet the steady barrage continues of these "Service Notifications" which appear at the bottom right of my screen. Been happy with this brand since Peter Norton started it.  But some clown's idea of taking over my desktop is a deal breaker.  Nobody wants to listen to a whiney kid or keep reading this junk.  

I've turned off the following blue circled settings in Norton Administrative settings in an attempt to find the switch and nothing has worked:

I've turned off the Notifications settings for Norton in Windows 10:

And yet...the company circumvents ALL OF THIS....obviously I do not want to get a NOTIFICATION from Norton.  You're ignoring the customer's wishes.  I do not want to see POP UPS, SPECIAL OFFERS, and FEATURES IM NOT USING OR INTERESTED IN...from you Norton.

Please show me how to turn this garbage OFF or I'll find a less intrusive program!  Yes i'm frustrated.

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The only true solution to this issue.


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