Two iphones, one license

I have Norton 360 installed on two iphones and they seem to have merged into one license seat. I deleted the license and reinstalled on one phone at a time, but only the license for the old phone is listed and the device pane shows that the device is the old phone, but the device name is the new phone. I've been working with tech support on this issue and they're stumped. I can only delete and reinstall so many times in one day before Norton locks me out of my account for using 2FA too many times. If anyone else has experienced this and found a fix, that information will be greatly appreciated.

iphone 7, iphone 13 pro max

both devices up to date

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Re: Two iphones, one license

If you are looking at the Devices page of your Norton Account, it can be prone to incorrect information being displayed. Sometimes you just need a little time for it to get updated, it is not necessarily instantaneous. The correct information will always be shown in the My Subscriptions page. From your Norton Account, click on the user icon at the top right of the screen, then click on Manage My Subscriptions. Find your current 360 subscription and click on Manage Licenses. That list should show the correct information.

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