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UI bugs in NIS2013 hun language version

NIS: hun, OS: Windows 7 SP1 32bit, default 100% dpi

#1: In the installer when it is starting the services it should say "Indítás" which means Starting. But instead of this, it says "Indítástól" which means nothing.

#2: The About box "Névjegy" is very big compared to the english version:

#3: In the 'support' - 'támogatás' section if you click on 'subscription status' - 'az előfizetés állapota' in the next screen it says: " Az előfizetésből még X van hátra" (In this case X = 30)" But this is incorrect because the 'days' - 'nap' word is missing after the X. It should be this: Az előfizetésből még X nap van hátra".