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This forum thread needs a solution.

Ultra-Power-Save-Mode kicks Norton Family whenever used (Android 8 latest Patches)

Dear Norton-Family-Community,

this is a call for help as well as an informational thread to everybody that could provide a solution that I didn't try.

Here the current case:

Huawei P20lite
Android 8 (Stock + latest OTA Updates)

Our kids are able to kill NortonFamily-Monitoring whenever they want by entering the "Ultra-Power-Save-Mode" provided on the draw-down-menu of android (where enable/disable WLAN, bluetooth,data...etc. is located)
This is possible even if the device is locked after reaching a limit for the day or an emergency-block.

Sadly, that is reproduceable on all Huawei P20lite mobiles that I had access to.
Just wipe down during Family-Lock-Screen, activate Ultra-Power-Save-Mode, leave it and you can do what ever you want again.

a) As this is not restrictable via settings i cannot prevent kids from activating it.
b) it is not possible to take NortonFamily-processes out of this save-mode (even not too if i define it as one of the 6 allowed apps in this mode)

I worked with the Norton-Support-Team the last days and we tried any idea we had. (Case:38384898)
x) Take out Family from BatteryOptimization-Tasks
xx) Allow Family to be started during startup,in background and called from other apps.
xxx) ensure that no other app is playin its own games with that.

Nothing helped and finally I got the advice from Mobile-Support-Team to launch a Ticket at HUAWEI-Support and/or ask the community.

Booth is allready done, and with this steps I hope that somebody knows more or norton an huawei can put their brains together to provide a fixup for this issue.




Re: Ultra-Power-Save-Mode kicks Norton Family whenever used (Android 8 latest Patches)

Hi MikG,

I experienced the same some time ago with Huawei mobiles and found the only solution to be to change phone brand for the kids since the Ultra-Power-Save-Mode is a part of EMUI.

However now even the kids' Nokia brand phones running vanilla Android 9 with latest updates from Google are having a similar issue. Which even makes it worse is that the phone automatically shuts Norton Family down and turns off some crucial application permissions.

I am almost ready to switch to using Android's integrated family control, although it will require new Google accounts for kids.

Hope someone can provide help for you (and me too :)!



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