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Unable to access web today until I disabled NSM

This afternoon my daughter complained that she couldn't browse the web.  After I noticed that I had no problems from my own laptop, I decided on a whim to disable NSM.  Magically, all the problems went away.

My kids have been complaining about slow internet access issues for weeks, which I thought was due to our wifi router.  My wife and I weren't affected, so i was stumped.  After browsing through this forum and seeing the comments about other people having issues with web browsing when NSM is running, it seems pretty likely NSM was the issue.

Is this problem going to be resolved any time soon?  I like being able to monitor my kids internet usage, but hearing them complain about the internet being down or slow has gotten really old.  



Re: Unable to access web today until I disabled NSM

Hi mdhankins,

We are currently working on the issue.  As soon as I get an update, I'll post a message in the forum.

Thanks for your patience,


Thanks Katie

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