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Unable to add the Norton 360 app on Work Profile - recent

In Android devices, if a business email address is linked to Android management, an additional Work profile will be created, thus separating the personal and work profiles (Android feature).

We have installed Norton 360 on over 100 devices (the requirement because the app won't search for malicious content on the work profile if it's installed on the personal profile). There were no issues up until January 2023. Multiple confirmations now indicate that the Norton app does not allow you to "sign in" with your email address when installed on the Work profile. However, on the personal profile it works normally. 

Although we have done extensive troubleshooting, including reinstalling the app, trying different accounts, and even trying different business domains, what we have noticed is that Norton has broken the functionality on the latest version of the app in Work profiles. It behaves as if it wants to be activated automatically after being installed via QR-code, SMS, etc. We would like to sign in only with the account that has Norton 360 licenses (we purchased three licenses in total per account - Norton 360 Standard).

Norton support did not provide any acknowledgment or support in that matter and we are stuck in a loop.

There are possible routes with .apks but we would prefer to have it done via the Android Play store

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Re: Unable to add the Norton 360 app on Work Profile - recent

What devices and Android version(s) are you using?

Have you tried removing Norton's app data and uninstalling the app? Then restart the device and reinstall to see if things work as they did before?


Re: Unable to add the Norton 360 app on Work Profile - recent


All of them are Pixel 6, Samsung Galaxy S22 etc running android version 12, and yes we have tried that. 

Can confirm as well a large number of these same devices are have the Norton 360 mobile android app installed on both personal and work profiles. This recently started happening


Re: Unable to add the Norton 360 app on Work Profile - recent

FYI.  I have no experience with work profiles. I have just Googled to get some information.

So you have set up the work profiles on all these devices. And before January 2023, you were able to install and activate Norton 360 in those work profiles.

Are you using Managed Google Play to push your apps to the devices? 

Is this just happening on new 360 installations since January 2023, or is this also affecting installations of 360 that were already activated before January?

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