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Unable to delete a message. Unable to create a new profile to test.

Hi all,

A curious one, affecting just one website - npower.com.  When starting this up, there's a message about cookies, which can be prevented from reappearing by clicking on a button.  This process works if I use Explorer but not if I use Firefox.  The damned mesage appears every time I load the site.

This sort of message has appeared several times recently, on other sites, and the kill action has always worked.

On the Mozilla forum, I was advised to create a new profile to see if the problem persists.  This appears to work so long as I don't close FF (ie I can delete the message, change site, return to the site and it doesn't rappear, but if I close FF and restart, instead of the screen offering me a choice of profies, I go straight into the normal version of FF.

I have been asked to delete any refences to FF in my Norton set up and see if the  problem goes away when Norton has relearned the FF stuff.  Any other ideas would be welcome.




Accepted Solution

Re: Unable to delete a message. Unable to create a new profile to test.

This has been solved thanks to support from the Mozilla community.  I resolved the issue, eventually, by changing the settings in Tools/OPtions/Privacy in Firefox, to untick the "Clear History" box. 

The profile issue was resolved by uninstalling Firefox (after saving profile and bookmarks) and reinstalling.  A bit drastic, but it worked.

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