Unable to export norton password manager vault

I am unable to backup my Norton Password Manager vault. When I open Norton 360 and the "Internet Security" tab and then click on "Password Manager", the application opens Password Manager in my Firefox browser, instead of opening in Norton 360 itself. As a result, I am unable to backup my vault, because the browser version of Password Manager does not give the option of exporting the vault as a .dat file.

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Re: Unable to export norton password manager vault

Export your Norton Password Manager data - Last modified: 05/04/2022

You can export your Password Manager data for security purposes, or for manual data recovery. The exported file cannot be used to import the logins on Norton Password Manager extension.


  1. Start your browser.

  2. On the top-right corner of the browser, click Norton Password Manager .

    In the pop-up that appears, click Open vault.

  3. In the Unlock your vault window, type your vault password and click Open vault.

  4. Click the Norton Password Manager extension icon and click Vault.

  5. In the Norton Password Manager window, click and click Export vault.
  6. In the Protected vault Action window, enter your vault password to export your Norton Password Manager data.

Norton Password Manager vault credentials are stored online/cloud.
You should be able to install Norton Password Manager extension to access/use your stored online credentials. 

for example:
Norton Password Manager - Microsoft store

Norton Password Manager - Chrome store

Norton Password Manager - Firefox store - Firefox store

Vault access requires Sign In to your Norton account + your vault password. 

You should also be able to access your Norton Password Manager online vault from any web browser.
Learn more about Norton Password Manager website - Last modified: 03/30/2022 

Note: .dat file does not work with Norton Password Manager browser extension.
Note: .dat file may only be used with Internet Explorer -> Norton toolbar.  

Since Norton's Nov 2021 patch....access to Norton (offline/local vault) password manager changed. 

Please review: 
NPM Local Vault - Nov. 1 Patch Disables Access - Posted: 01-Nov-2021

Please review:  
Updated Norton 360 password manager missing​​​​​​​ - Posted: 28-Nov-2021​​​​​​​


Re: Unable to export norton password manager vault

Features of Norton Password Manager - Last modified: 03/17/2022

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