Unable to find Norton Family Extension on Daughter's computer

I have been using Norton Family since about Sept 2020. Everything was mostly fine until last week when Norton Family stopped tracking my daughter's web activity or blocking websites that are not allowed. I was eventually uninstalled and reinstalled Norton family and everything began working fine again, for about a day or so, then I began having similar issues. I noticed the Norton Family extension was no longer on the Chrome Browser. Went to manage extensions to search for the Norton Family Extension, it no results are returned. I can find the extension on my other laptops, but not when I search on my daughter's. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both Norton Family and Google Chrome on her laptop and still can't find the extension. I am not able to supervisor her online activity and the website blocking is very sporadic. She doesn't get the big message stating she isn't allowed. Instead she can get onto the website, but it might not work properly, though often it does. In some cases, websites she is allowed on will also be blocked. I have had a HORRIBLE time with support. The first time I was told it was probably a server issue and simply to wait a few hours. I spent about 2 hours the other night on the phone or speaking with various people through chat to try to fix it but the people I spoke with did not seem to even know how Norton Family worked. The last person I spoke with asked why I wanted the Norton Family extension on Chrome. She is in her final 2 weeks of class. Fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated. 


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Re: Unable to find Norton Family Extension on Daughter's computer

Hi Ashley Graham 1,

Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family forum.

Upon analyzing the backend data, we see that the Norton Family browser extension in chrome browser got tampered.

You can reinstall the Norton Family extension in your Chrome Browser by following the below steps:
1 Go to the link:
2 Click "Add to Chrome"
3 A popup screen will occur. Kindly click "Add extension" in that popup.
4 From the three dot menu located at the right top on the chrome browser, navigate to More tools -> Extensions and kindly verify that the Norton Family extension is enabled.
5 Close and Relaunch the chrome browser and check if you are seeing Norton Family block page for the websites that are not allowed as per the house rules.

You could do the same for other browsers that your child uses.

For Edge:
For Firefox:

Norton Family Team

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